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Double / multiple-depth storage

Double/multiple-depth storage is the storage of two or more storage units (with or without load carriers) one after the other in one storage location. If the locations are not occupied by a single material or by a single batch, strategies for relocation of stock are required that are more or less complex, depending on the characteristics of the warehouse and the materials handling technology (e.g. channel warehouse, rack warehouse, AS/RS with 1 to n single- or multiple-deep load handling devices). In some cases, the management of stocks in this environment is therefore carried out on own subsystems of the warehouse/conveyor technology suppliers. This essentially applies to channel storage systems, warehouses with AS/RS with several load handling devices or shuttle systems. In double- or multiple-deep warehouses with SRM operation, warehouse management is often carried out without these subsystems. The required relocation of stock is then recognized in the WMS and transferred to the SRM via the MFCS. In this case, the storage locations can be controlled by the next movements.


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Double / multiple-depth storage


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Double multiple-depth storage
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