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Functions of a »Warehouse Management Systems«

The WMS Diamond is derived from VDI Guideline 3601 and provides an overview of the various functional areas of a warehouse management system. In addition to the core functions of a warehouse management system (e.g. warehouse structure, master data, inventory and transport management), the additional functions (e.g. batch and serial numbers, best before dates, dock/yard management, etc.) as well as the individual extension modules of a WMS are also recorded. By clicking on a term, the definition page for this term is displayed. Batch Cross-docking Dock- / Yardmanagement Double / multiple-depth storage Hazardous Material Hazardous substances Weight control Handling-Units-Management Kit-Bildung Consignment Empties and Load Carriers (Multiple) Client Capability Multi-warehouse handling capability Materialflusskontrolle Warehouse structure Master data management Inventory management Transport management Incoming goods Advanced Shipping Note Receipt Advanced shipping note completion / feedback on stock Deconsolidation Quality inspection Storage Relocation of stocks Replenishment Rebooking Stock-taking Control centre Outgoing goods Order management Order picking Consolidation Packaging Dispatch Delivery feedback Best Before Dates Package Optimisation Production supply and removal Resource planning / labour management Returns Serial numbers Slotting and warehouse reorganisation Forklift guidance system Value added services Vendor managed inventory Scrapping Customs

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