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All about warehouse logistics

Meet the »Team warehouse logistics«

In February 2000, the »Team warehouse logistics« was founded by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Germany. The team objective is to match customers and providers of warehouse management systems (WMS) properly. The team then supports the WMS selection and implementation.

Under the name Team warehouse logistics runs and continuously improves the international »WMS Database«. It is the leading logistics platform for WMS worldwide. Experts from the Fraunhofer IML and its regional partners validate the functional scope of the listed warehouse management systems annually. Customers use the WMS Database to select suitable systems and providers.

Since 2010, our partner Induvation GmbH provides Team warehouse logistics services to customers in the Italian market.

The Benefits of Using the Expertise of Team warehouse logistics

The customers and users of our services benefit from our proven expertise in warehouse management. As specified below, we acquired this expertise through the work we performed and the solutions we implemented:

  • Companies consulted with us on the choice and implementation of warehouse management systems. In the process, we performed cost/benefit analyses, listed performance specifications, called for tenders and lent support during implementations. 97 % of our clients expressed their satisfaction.
  • We performed annual onsite validations of about 90 systems and about 70 WMS providers. For the systematic tool-based choice of suitable systems (certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001), our team evaluated the responses to our survey, which tests for 3,500 criteria.
  • Our experts performed various strategy or portfolio consultations for WMS providers and examined their technical due diligence in WMS-related decisions.
  • Market studies, presentations and seminars on warehouse management were part of our services.
  • Unordered List ItemOur experts assisted in trade show presentations and collaborated with trade organizations. Furthermore, they were involved in the coordination and preparation of VDI Standard 3601 for warehouse management systems.

Above all, our well-trained and motivated associates follow the maxim of adopting a manufacturer-independent and solution-neutral approach to every project.

Our Services at a Glance

WMS Database

WMS Database The WMS Database enables customers to select the most suitable provider of warehouse management systems. The comprehensive survey and the validation of participating providers make the WMS Database unique in the world.

WMS providers profit from their participation in the WMS Database because potential customers see their offers.

WMS Online Selection

WMS Online Selection The WMS Online Selection is an efficient and reliable tool for companies in search of a new WMS. Which one of the warehouse management systems meets combinational optimization criteria? What are the WMS provider's strongest abilities? You will find answers to these important questions in our WMS Online Selection, which you can access in several ways.

WMS Reference Projects

WMS Reference Projects Aside from functional criteria, reference projects are important in the selection of a warehouse management system. We invite WMS providers to list the projects they implemented for their clients. Our independent Team warehouse logistics validates these listed references. In your search of our database, you may like to use search filters to home in on projects with specifications, which are relevant for your company (such as a specific industry for example). WMS Consultation

WMS Consultation

WMS Consultation The successful analysis, improvement or replacement of a warehouse management system requires precise preparation. Therefore, you will profit from our manufacturer-independent support in the selection and implementation of a warehouse management system. Our preparations include cost/benefit analyses, performance specifications, calls for bids and implementation support.

WMS Glossary

 WMS Glossary The WMS Glossary is a joint project of the »warehouse logistics«-community, in which terms are defined around the topic warehouse management system (WMS) together. It contains terms and their definitions from the field of WMS, which can be accessed by both, WMS providers and interested outsiders. The glossary's term base can be continuously expanded and validated by the »warehouse logistics«-community. Thus, a uniform basis and a common understanding of the terms in the WMS market are to develop.

WMS Innovation Forum

WMS Innovation Forum WMS providers have the opportunity to hold a joint event with the warehouse logistics team. New and forward-looking developments and technologies in logistics can be discussed and experiences exchanged. Experts, customers, partners and interested parties can be invited to this one-day event at the Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund.

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Logistic Lectures

Logistic Lectures The participants of the WMS database have the exclusive opportunity to book current logistic lectures. At events organised by the WMS provider these logistic lectures give the audience a professional and innovative insight into the logistics of tomorrow. The “Team warehouse logistics” provides a selection of different logistic topics.

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Team warehouse logistics

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