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Storage location

A storage location describes a specific location in the storage area where material stock is located or can be stored. A storage location can be identified by a large number of attributes, for example:

  • x, y, z coordinates (e.g. aisle, column, level)
  • maximum weight
  • maximum volumes
  • Belonging to a fire compartment
  • Subdivision of the storage location
  • storage location depth
  • Fixed or chaotic location

Storage locations are often named according to a specific scheme that is based, for example, on the coordinates of a grid. Here, the spatial allocation of storage locations such as “aisle”, “column” or “level” are often included in the designation. Since there are thousands of storage locations in most warehouses, the storage location is a master date in many WMS that can be created using a mass maintenance or upload function.


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Core functions

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Warehouse structure


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Storage location
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