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Storage describes a booking process from incoming goods to a storage location that includes storage location determination, transfer to the storage location, and checking the storage location coordinates after the storage has been completed. A wide range of storage strategies can be used, which can vary greatly depending on the process requirements. The prerequisite for this is a sufficient quality of the storage-relevant master data. The following aspects can be relevant for storage:

  • the quality of the master data
  • physical material criteria (for example, material dimensions, net/gross weight, shape)
  • material group (e.g. special material, Hazardous material, Hazardous substances)
  • (permitted) loading equipment types (for example, according to the physical material criteria)
  • material identifier (e.g. fast/medium/slow speed according to access frequency)
  • special storage zones for specific material assortments or storage aids
  • handling during storage and retrieval (e.g. for selecting suitable means of transport)
  • existing stock situation (e.g. for equal distribution among different aisles)

Upon confirmation of the storage in the WMS, the respective stock of a material is booked from goods receipt to the storage location.


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