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Warehouse type

Warehouses are classified into physical or logical warehouse types that are characterised by their storage technology, organisational structure, or function. Most warehouse types can also be operated automatically.

Examples of warehouse types that are used for the actual storing of material:

• classification based on physical characteristics:

  • pallet warehouse
  • high-bay warehouse
  • small-parts warehouse
  • bulk warehouse
  • outdoor storage space

•classification based on logical characteristics:

  • hazardous substances warehouse
  • bonded warehouse
  • consignment warehouse

Examples of warehouse types that fulfil a specific interface function within the processes:

  • incoming goods areas
  • outgoing goods areas
  • transfer locations (e.g. between halls or warehouse types/systems)
  • order picking areas
  • packing areas
  • consolidation areas

Warehouse types have parameters defining their specific properties, e.g. storage and retrieval strategies, capacity checking methods, storage of handling units (HU), mixed storage.


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Core functions

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Warehouse structure


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Warehouse type
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