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Packaging, i.e. the packaging of the picked goods ready for dispatch and the creation of the necessary documents and labels, usually follows the consolidation process. However, parts of the process can also run earlier, even before the picking starts, e.g. when orders are picked directly into the shipping container (Pick & Pack). The packaging process is typically supported by the following WMS functions:

  • Selection of the type and size of packaging suitable for the packaged goods (depending on material characteristics, volume and weight, shipping route, hazardous goods regulations, attributes specific to master data or delivery orders, packaging instructions, etc.)
  • Calculation and specification of packing sequences and/or packing schemes
  • Repacking functions for the repacking from internal warehouse loading aids into the shipping packaging
  • Weighing of the package for weight detection/control
  • Quality control (e.g. quantity comparison, scanning of individual materials)
  • Printing and/or attaching or enclosing documents (e.g. package content lists, delivery notes, shipping labels, hazardous goods documents, customs documents, advertising material)

The prerequisite for this is the maintenance of the required master data for packaging types and sizes and other information related to these processes.


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