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Stock is the inventory of products in the warehouse. This can be raw materials, auxiliary materials or finished goods. The following types of inventory, among others, can be distinguished:

* Physical stock - the quantity of goods that is in a plant/production facility at a given time; physical stock = book stock * Book stock - the stock as stated in the bookkeeping (target inventory); deviations from the physical stock can occur due to damage or errors in quantity recording * Safety stock - a minimum level of stock that should be present in the warehouse at all times in order to maintain the service level even in unpredictable times. This is calculated depending on the actual consumption (e.g. in a quarter), also taking into account the replenishment time and delivery time * Blocked stock - goods not to be removed from stock; may not be moved for certain reasons (e.g. quality control, damage, etc.) * Reserved stock - goods have been reserved for a order and are therefore no longer marked as available



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Inventory Management


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