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Slotting and warehouse reorganisation

Slotting (also called “warehouse disposition”) is a planning function for automatically determining a storage location for a material. Based on material, packaging, and demand data, slotting calculates a suggestion of data relevant for storage and retrieval (e.g. area for storage, storage location properties, storage and retrieval strategies). An example for slotting is the allocation of storage locations based on an ABC analysis. In the context of warehouse reorganisation, the current stock situation of the products being stored at the storage locations is compared to the storage disposition data that was originally defined. In this way, it is possible to determine whether or not a product is stored at its optimum storage location. If the product is not stored at its optimum storage location, a warehouse reorganisation can initiate a relocation of stocks. Warehouse reorganisation can increase efficiency within the order picking process, boost warehouse capacity utilisation and minimise the number of replenishments.


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Slotting and warehouse reorganisation


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Slotting and warehouse reorganisation
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