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Dispatch is the area of in-house logistics where the entire outgoing movement of goods is managed physically and IT-based.

The consignments packed ready for shipment are provided at dispatch and then transported to the recipient. The WMS assumes the following tasks:

  • management of dispatch areas and doors for staging
  • assignment of packages to dispatch areas

A load/transport unit is created in the WMS prior to physical loading. During the loading process, the consignments and/or packages are assigned to the load/transport unit. This can be ensured by a scanning function at the door. The freight documents are created after loading. Possible additional functions and interfaces in this context are:

  • handover of data to the carrier (papers, waybill, export documents)
  • linking of shipping software/platforms (interfaces to forwarders)

Furthermore, e.g. the following aspects of optimisation can be implemented:

  • consideration of stackability of pallets in the truck
  • consideration of loading sequence
  • re-storing of packed packages for retrieval shortly before shipping to optimise utilisation of the dispatch area

In this context, some WMS can integrate functionalities for tour and route planning. This means that interfaces to or functionalities overlapping with ERP or TMS systems can exist.


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