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Forklift guidance system

A forklift guidance system is a system for efficient resource management using vehicle or ground conveyor disposition and guidance. The system treats the forklift just as any other conveying system. The forklift guidance system comprises:

  • stored transport matrix reflecting the material flow topology. It is possible to store route restrictions (drivethrough widths or heights, admissible floor loads).
  • typification of forklifts based on usability (dedicated load handling devices, special functions, required drive-through heights)
  • list of forklifts available in the system including relevant type information
  • allocation of forklifts to guidance areas (if spatial allocation of forklifts to storage areas is to be restricted)
  • allocation of load carrier types to suitable forklift types

The system’s task is to optimally allocate transport orders to avoid non-productive empty runs, search runs and dead times. In this way, it is possible to achieve even utilisation of the forklifts and to increase throughput. Transport orders are allocated to the appropriate vehicles directly to the terminal by radio data transmission and without paper and/or can be selected from the outstanding orders by the forklift driver. A forklift guidance system can allocate transport orders e.g. based on the following optimisation criteria:

  • forklift availability
  • forklifts close to the source location (also possible via positioning systems)
  • forklift that is allocated to this storage area
  • vehicle types, transport aid types (forklift that has permission to transport these goods, e.g. due to load capacity or because it is equipped with a special attachment)
  • movement job types including order priorities

Furthermore, hand-over locations with capacities must be managed and be considered during the transport order assignment.


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Forklift guidance system


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Forklift guidance system
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