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Weight control

A weight control serves to determine and check the weight of goods. In various warehouse processes, it can be useful to integrate a weight control in order to record the weight of stocks and, if necessary, to check for weight restrictions. In the storage process, for example, the system checks against the payloads of the storage locations, and in the packaging process, it checks the weights of the shipping unit with regard to restrictions during dispatch/transport. When inventorying or picking materials that require time-consuming counting, the weight can be recorded instead of being counted and used to calculate the number of stock items. Particularly in the food industry, goods often differ due to the different weight of the individual item, so that no fixed conversion factor from piece to weight unit can actually be determined for the product. Each product therefore has two equal units of measure, a logistics unit of measure and a valuation unit of measure (catch weight management). The weight control determines or controls the valuation unit of measure.


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Weight control


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Weight control
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