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Multi-lingual operation

Multi-lingual operation of a WMS refers to the maintenance of different languages for display texts and print outputs in the WMS. In the case of a multi-lingual display texts, all texts on the screens are displayed in accordance with the language set for the operator in the WMS:

  • Dialogs
  • Error texts and system messages
  • Help systems or descriptive master data

Printouts can be made independently of the language of the operator, e.g. based on the location of the warehouse, the client or the consignee. For this, material descriptions and other text elements as well as entire forms must be maintained multi-lingually, for example by using Unicode. Irrespective of the system unit of measurement, units of measurement suitable for the language setting, including conversions, can be supported and displayed.

The translations are carried out either by the WMS provider or by the administrators themselves using a dialog system.


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Multi-lingual operation
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